notice the difference between t95plus (hk1r2,r3 ,and so on) with stationPc m2


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1. t95plus (hk1r2,r3) came from a similar design .In circuit board, power chip rk809 (....)is absent, which lead rk3566 can't change voltage throuh i2c wire.
for this reson, t95plus (hk1r2,r3) is hot than stationPc m2 .
2. compare the devicetree of them , t95plus almost has fixed voltage ,and i2c is disable . if you burn m2 firmware to t95plus , kernel can't chang freq and voltage , which lead blak screen.
3.rk3566 is cheaper than rk3568 , linux desktop can't run well.
4. kodi is hard to be installed in debian , the only remain is to install doker ,