Ethernet/Wifi Working on Armbian 23.08.0-trunk Bookworm with Linux 6.1.55


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This was a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make this work. Looking at forums after forums and now I have a stable system.
Thanks to mmie4jbcu for providing a base DTS/DTB File to work with.

Applying the Patch
I applied it to a Armbian/build for station-m2, by placing the patch file in this sub directory


And then running the build

./ BOARD=station-m2 BRANCH=current BUILD_DESKTOP=no

If you just want a deb of the kernel you can install then run this command. It will be the image file created with a bunch of numbers at the end of the file in the output/deb directory

./ BOARD=station-m2 BRANCH=current BUILD_DESKTOP=no kernel

Installing Wifi Driver (LG642 chip)
The patch also applies to fix no wifi with this chip.

More info here:

The you just need to install the drivers in the zip file, more info on how to do so here

When doing the extract, it is important that you place the files in the appropriate place. The lib folder is fine, but where you place the brcmfmac.ko.xz is important - it has to be placed in your /usr/modules/<kernel version>/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/...
e.g. mine was /usr/modules/6.1.55-current-media/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/...

Bluetooth still doesn't work, not sure why, but having Gigabit Ethernet and Wifi (2.4/5Ghz) work is amazing.


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Hell yeah!
I just checked the board again after a long time to see, if something important happened. And today, you posted this amazing news.
I will try it out soon.
Thx man!


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Sorry, not sure I understood: is hardware of that device (H96 MAX) the same as T95 plus? Or you are mentioning it just as an example what could be done also for T95 plus?